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6 Reasons to build a log home now!

6 Reasons you should build a log home now

It is nearing the Fall of 2016 and there could not be a better time to build your dream log home. The old adage "He who hesitates is lost" should really read, he who hesitates loses financially. defines this as "A person who spends too much time deliberating about what to do, loses the chance to do it altogether". In actuality, most of the time, you can still do it, but with substantial financial loss. For instance, if you had invested $1,000 in Google stock the year it went public, that small investment would be worth a staggering $1,000,000 today and you would probably not be wasting your time reading my blog about why you should make the investment in building your dream home today. You would be somewhere on an island drinking Margaritas and daydreaming. And if you made that same modest investment today, chances are very high that it would never yield that same return. The same is true for procrastinating on building your dream home and here are 6 good reasons why you should act today.

1. Land

Well, one thing is for sure... they aren't making anymore of it. In today's market that has already hit bottom and is on the upswing, there are many "deals" to be found. At the top of the market, land is in such demand that many developers buy up all the good parcels for their own use. In this market, you can find that perfect piece of land for building your dream home at a substantial savings. Start the process of looking for property and freeze the price of your log home package so that when the land is found you are ready to go.

2. Interest rates

Interest rates for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage on a single private residence are at nearly the best they have ever been. According to, if you qualified to build a home for $400,000 last year, you would qualify for to build a home for $440,000 this year. That is quite the savings. You can build bigger, better, more extravagant, or you can build the same home you were planning for a much lower monthly payment. And with an election in 2016, you never know what mortgage rates are going to do. Lock in that low interest loan today and enjoy the instant benefits.

3. Material Costs

It is inevitable that material costs continue to go up each year. However, many building materials are very energy intensive to produce and ship and are more impacted when energy costs are high. The lower fuel costs right now can definitely work in your favor. Cedar Direct is also offering a 48 month price freeze on our log home package for only 10% down initially. This is perfect for those of you who are ready to get started, but cannot deliver your log home package right away. This plan allows you to protect the price of the log home material package while you get everything else in place. Call our office at 1-800-661-5647 for additional details about this limited time program.

4. Builders and Contractors

In a less than perfect market, builders and contractors will typically charge less as the market is more competitive. Additionally, the big plus to a fall/winter start is the availability of the contactors. All 3 of my personal log homes were built in winter when the contractors are glad to have the work during these slower months. The end result is more building bang for your buck. Some General Contractors are even willing to reduce their profit margin to keep their business viable and you are the one who will benefit.

5. Housing Boom

The housing boom is and always has been cyclic. The housing boom that started in 1987 went far longer than typical housing booms and was much stronger than most housing booms since World War II. Some referred to the boom as the "Bubble" and when in 2005 it started its rapid downward spiral, the bubble popped and housing values began to fall. Housing is now on the upward swing and that is the most profitable time to begin your build. Take advantage of this as the market has stabilized and a new up-cycle has begun.

6. Energy Efficient

When we had the energy crunch and everyone was suffering from greatly increased fuel costs, the energy efficient revolution began. No more gas guzzling Hummers or poorly insulated homes. Today, that continues despite a reduction in the costs of fuel. Northern White Cedar Logs have the highest R factor of all the woods used to build log homes and are about 30% more energy efficient than a conventional home. Whether your goal is to save energy, money, or our Mother earth, cedar log homes are the Original Green building Solution. Start today and save all of these for all your tomorrows. Log Homes have the lowest carbon footprint of all homes.

And the best reason of all to build now is that the sooner you build, the sooner you will begin enjoying your new log home. We don't know what the future holds and each day that you put off building your dream is a day that you are putting the rest of your life on hold. Think of it as being on a constant vacation...Just imagine waking up in your new warm, energy efficient log home on a snowy Sunday morning and either building a real fire in your new stone fireplace or turning on your cozy and realistic gas fireplace with just the flick of a button. Imagine sipping your morning coffee in the spring in your favorite rocker on your covered porch, or the excitement of decorating a fabulous Christmas tree that reaches almost to the top of your soaring cathedral ceiling. They are so quiet and serene, that you really have to experience it to understand it. All the great experiences of living in a log home are too numerous to list, but why not start your own list of memories your you and your family made in your new log home. You won't believe how long it is.

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