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Five Top Trends in Log Homes 2017

Wow...2017, it's really here and there is no better time to build your dream log home. First let's take a look at what's hot and what's not in log homes this year.

1. Log Homes are not Abe Lincoln's log cabin anymore. Whether it is an expansive log home mansion or a cozy vacation retreat, luxury rules. Fireplaces, large walls of glass, dramatic exposed beam timber ceilings, and covered porches all tell a story of a very different connotation of what a log home is in 2017. More than half of all log homes built today nationally are permanent residences, while Cedar Direct Log Homes sales average approximately 80% permanent residences.​

2. Log Homes can significantly reduce the energy consumed to heat and cool your home. Log homes actually reduce the ecological impact of burning fossil fuels for energy production and with this reduction comes a reduction in your utility bills as well. Log homes are not the cold, drafty homes you imagine them to be. In fact, they are warm, cozy, with very even heat distribution in all the rooms.

3. The room getting the most attention in a log home in 2017 is the kitchen. Believe me when I tell you they are not just for cooking anymore, they are the heart of the home. Natural stone is being utilized not only for the counter tops, but for the flooring as well. Stones like slate, and ceramic tile manufactured to resemble slate are topping the list. The latest and fastest growing trend is the outdoor kitchen. Including a covered area that can be utilized no matter what Mother Nature has in store, these trendy new hotspots include refrigerators, grills, fireplaces, televisions, and yes...even the kitchen sink.

4. The second most attention grabbing room in the log home of 2017 is the luxurious spa style bathroom. They include lots of glass for light, outdoor showers, natural stone, whirlpool tubs for 2, his and hers vanities, bidets, spa style multi-head shower systems, and even steam rooms. The trend to relax and spend more time at home is definitely on the rise and a log home provides the perfect venue for relaxation and de-stressing in the upcoming year.

5. Green building and reducing the carbon footprint of the new home you build is prominently in the forefront in today's world. Northern White Cedar is nature's perfect wood. It is the driest wood on the stump in North America and therefore does not need to be kiln dried to be the optimal wood to use the build your log home. Being the driest naturally reduces twisting, warping, or settling, all of which are problems when you use pine. "Cedar leaf oil" is distilled from boughs and used in medicines and perfumes. Ethnobotanic: The essential oil of northern white cedar is used in cleansers, disinfectants, hair preparations, insecticides, liniment, room sprays, and soft soaps. NWC has the highest R Factor of all woods used to build a log home and therefore reduces the amount of energy used to heat and cool it.


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